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Bookkeeping & Consulting Services in Central Georgia

Whether you operate a small business, a large corporation, or a nonprofit organization, you understand how time-consuming it can be to maintain your books and manage all other aspects of your company at the same time. Bookkeeping requires insightful, focused attention that the skilled team at Butler, Williams & Wyche can provide.

Our services include bookkeeping and QuickBooks-certified consulting. Our CPAs are also available for:

  • New Business Formation Consulting
  • Succession Planning
  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Part-Time CFO services

No matter your need, our accounting professionals are here for you at every turn.

Dependable Bookkeeping Services

Butler, Williams & Wyche ensures accurate, timely bookkeeping solutions for your business.

Account Reconciliation

We reconcile your business checking account monthly, allowing you to:

  • Accurately manage your cashflow
  • Detect inaccurate bank charges or incorrect bank postings
  • Gain a clear picture of your financial position
  • Identify inaccuracies such as lost checks, missing deposits, or unauthorized transactions
  • Prevent or detect embezzlement

Monthly account reconciliation from Butler, Williams & Wyche takes the guesswork out of bookkeeping and equips you with a precise, confident understanding of your business’ financial outlook.

Income Statement Generation

Your income statement is the report that informs you of profits and losses per period. Use your income statement to:

  • Track revenue and expenses
  • Determine your company’s operating performance
  • Identify necessary and unnecessary services or items
  • Determine income tax liability

Whether you’d like a monthly, quarterly, or annual income statement, Butler, Williams & Wyche generates your statement accurately and on time.

Balance Sheet Generation

A balance sheet provides a snapshot of your business’s finances at the time of sheet generation. Use a balance sheet to:

  • Check your company’s financial strength and capabilities
  • Analyze financial trends such as the average timeframe between sending invoices and receiving payments
  • Determine your business’s growth ability
  • Analyze your company’s financial ebbs and flows
  • Make informed financial decisions

Whether required or requested, Butler, Williams & Wyche can generate informative, beneficial balance sheets for your business.

Ledger Maintenance

Often thought of as the “books” of bookkeeping, your business’s general ledger represents the core of your business’s financial records. It houses every business-related transaction and requires detailed maintenance to keep everything organized and in check.

The bookkeeping experts at Butler, Williams & Wyche will review your ledger every month to ensure all components are exact. If there is ever a discrepancy, we will find and correct the issue so that your books remain completely accurate.

Routine Bookkeeping Consultations

Our accounting team can discuss your financial condition, analyze reports, or explain monthly findings whenever you’d like. We want to educate and empower our clients to understand the various sides of bookkeeping and put them to use to expand business further.

Get Your Business Financial Books in Order with Help from Butler, Williams & Wyche!

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QuickBooks-Certified Consulting

QuickBooks is the chosen accounting software for Butler, Williams & Wyche because of its complex and easy-to-use capabilities for any business. Our team is QuickBooks certified and can offer your team beneficial consulting services such as:

QuickBooks Setup

We’ll help you set up your QuickBooks software on all appropriate computers to ensure it is installed and set up correctly from the start.

QuickBooks Training

We will conduct a thorough, informative training session for all applicable employees to ensure users can easily use the software and navigate the system.


When QuickBooks-related questions arise, guessing at answers is never safe. Our team can help answer any QuickBooks questions so your team can confidently use the software.


Sometimes you need to clean up or reorganize certain areas of your program. Butler, Williams & Wyche will help you complete a QuickBooks tune-up to refresh and recalibrate your bookkeeping system.

We provide bookkeeping services to Georgia businesses in Macon and Warner Robins! Contact our accounting experts today: 478-742-3676

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